Equine Therapists

Princess Anna

Princess Anna is 20 years old and mother to our Santana. Anna is sweet, anxious, very aware of her surroundings. Anna work with older teens and adults to explore boundaries, awareness, healthy relationships, radical kindness, and body language and communication styles. On her own, Princess Anna is maternal, supportive and works on led, grooming and mounted experiences.


Santana does not work with clients one on one, as despite being the tallest horse on the property, he is a baby Warm-blood at 7 years of age. He is wonderful to watch as he interacts with his mother and paddock mate Moniquita, but he has issues with boundaries and understating the difference between human and horse. He also has a habit of playing with everything, and has a short attention span. Think of him as the annoying baby brother! This will improve as he grows up. In the meantime, Tani’s role on our team is to help us to observe interactions within the herd, and to eat the occasional treat carrot!


Moniquita is 7 years of age and is an Andalusian princess. Moni is a dressage horse and trains with Dr Traci, but is also available for one on one cuddles and observational work with Santana. Moni is intuitive, kind, very sensitive, and high energy. She responds to the energy level of clients, and is best suite dot working with horse savvy teens who have learned to keep energy levels down with the horses.

Opal Nera

Opal is 8 years old and is every teenage girl’s best friend and dream horse. Opal has a history of being rescued as a 6 months old filly when she and her mother were left in a paddock with no food or water. Her first experience with humans was separation from her mother to save them both. Opal has had to learn to independent, to trust, and to understand her human family members. She is kind, resilient, very aware of the emotions of those she works with, and is a great support to children and teens experiencing trauma or emotional distress. Opal works both on ground work, and mounted experiences in groups and in individual work.


Abby-Angel is 5 years old and was rescued as a filly in a large scale RSPCA/Project Hope herd. Abby is just finding her way in the human world as she grows, and has been at Epona Bare for only 8 weeks. In that time she has connected with Opal, and has stated to show us a sweet, gentle personality, a big heart, confidence, and a great desire to be with children. Abby Angel currently works in paddock experiences with Opal, but will soon graduate to grooming and led experiments in sessions.

Dr Dakota

Dr. Dakota was our first therapy only and remains the start of the therapy team. Dakota was rescued from abuse, and has PTSD and is very careful about who he trusts and protecting his boundaries. Dakota has an innate sense of who needs him and when, and is. great support for clients with anxiety, depression and trauma. He is kind, gentle, and very emotionally expressive, and is a safe pony for those nervous about equine work and for children as young as 2.5 years to work with.

Dora “the explorer”

Dora has just turned 5 years of age and she is quite a fancy Shetland pony, and she knows it! Dora loves anything that lest her have an adventure, so going to walks, arena play and especially anything involving play and jumping suit her well. Dora works with individual children and adults on finding a sense of joy and working on energy shifts and regulation, and she also loves working in groups with Dakota and Leah, her mentors and friends.

Princess Leah

Princess Leah is a rescue pony of indeterminate age, we think between 15 and 18. We do know Leah was a games pony at one stage, so she loves to play, run, and explore. Leah also loves grooming experiences and walks with clients, and particularly enjoys teen and adult clients. Leah is gentle but opinionated, strong willed at times, and she is Dakota’s paddock mate, best friend and “rock”. Leah and Dakota work together in children’s group programmes and excel at bringing children’s confidence selves to the fore.