Services and Fees at Epona Brae


At Epona Brae we offer individual therapy that is room based, Equine Assisted or Animal Assisted.
We also offer many group sessions with our therapy horses and ponies.

Individual Psychological Therapy:
These sessions can be conducted as Equine or Animal assisted or room based therapy.
Fees vary according to the service provider:
Doctor of Clinical Psychology – $260 per session (Medicare rebate of $128.40 applicable with referral)
Psychologist – $190 per session (Medicare rebate of $ 87.45 applicable with referral)
Provisional Psychologist – $190 for NDIS services, special introductory rate for private clients of $95 given no Medicare rebates apply.
We also see VOCAT, Workcover and clients covered by other schemes.


 Group Therapy

Group Therapy at Epona Brae is charged at $480 per 6 session block. Day programmes are charged at $480 for two 11 – 4 days, or $260 per person for a single day programme.
Medicare and health fund rebates are applicable with referral.
Our group programmes currently run during school holidays and on Wednesday evenings during term, although special times may be arranged for schools, organisations or residential care groups. Please ask us.

Groups include:

Pony Power

Pony Power is our original school holiday group for children
aged 6 – 11.

This group focuses on confidence building, friendship building skills, self esteem, and emotional regulation and runs for two days in each school holiday break.

Girl Power (12 – 16 years)
and Girl Power Fillies. (8 – 12 years)
Starts February 17th 2021.

The Girl Power groups are our ground-breaking self esteem, social skills and emotional regulation management group for girls. These groups run as a weekly 6 session block during term times, and focus on girls feeling empowered, supporting and connecting with each other, and being the best versions of themselves they can be. Many girls who attend these groups go on to remain friends, and attend follow up group programmes to further develop skills.

Fillies Foundation (Girls 5 – 7)
Starts February 19th 2021.

Fillies foundation is our confidence building group for early school transition and supports little in adjustment to change, group social skills and emotional regulation management.

Girls attend foundation with their mother’s for the first few sessions, then alone if they can. Mothers also learn basic emotional support skills for their little ladies. Fillies Foundation runs on Friday mornings once each term during school times.

H-Awesome (Boys 8 – 12)

H-Awesome is our self esteem, group social skills and emotional regulation management group for boys working with the horses and ponies.

H-Awesome runs during school term on Wednesday evenings for 6 week blocks.

H-Awesome Brumbyz

H-Awesome Brumbyz is our self esteem, group social skills and emotional regulation management group for teenage boys.

This program runs after school on Wednesdays during term and may also run as a two day school holiday program.

Home School Herd
(Home schooling/School refusal support group)

This is a new group for children 9 – 15 who may need support with home schooling or school refusal during or after COVID-19. The group will work on mood management, group and social network development skills, healthy relationships skills, study skills, and problem solving.

This group will run as a bi-monthly programme at the cost of $75 per session.

Lead Mares

Lead Mares is our empowerment programme for women over 18. This group focuses on mindfulness, self esteem and emotional regulation building.

It is run as a 6 session group on Friday evenings.

Herd Wise Mother/daughter days

Herd-wise is a mother-daughter bonding programme that runs for a single day (11 – 4) during school holidays working with the ponies and horses.



Other bespoke groups are available upon request should your service require something special. Please ask Dr Traci.