Support Staff

Murray Coventry – Office Manager / Director

I started my working life as a nurse and since then have been involved in various functions revolving around the delivery of health and healthcare. I have been a consultant and project manager for government and private healthcare organisations, managing projects for the delivery of healthcare, supply of healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, and have been an advisor for supply and distribution of vaccines, surgical supplies and pharmaceuticals, particularly in the area of mental health. I have an MBA, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours) and I’m currently completing a Masters in Professional Psychology while enjoying life at Epona Brae surrounded by our feathered and furry friends. Life is never dull here on what use to be an apple orchard with wombats, kangaroos and possums to keep me company. However, you have to be quick to pick apples for the ponies before the possums get to them! Drive carefully when you visit, the ducks and their chicks do tend to wander across the laneways, and watch out for our mouse-catching yard cat Maverick when you leave – he has been a hitchhiker found in various backseats.

Shona Davis – Horse Trainer / Therapy Assistant

I am 20 years old. I started riding at the Victorian Equestrian Centre when I was 7 years old and haven’t looked back since. I got my first horse at age 13 and currently have two horses of my own. George who is an “off the track” Thoroughbred, who has visited Epona Bare as a guest many times and loves working with the children. George and I do do eventing and dressage together. I also have a quarter horse named Arizona and we do reining and mountain trail, so I have a variety of skills to teach the Epona Brae ponies and horses. My job at Epona Brae is to make sure the therapy horses have good manners to keep our clients safe, to ensure all the psychologists in the team know our horses well and have “horse sense”, and to keep our equine therapist happy, exploring and enjoying life as they learn got grow and advance in their therapy careers. I enjoy working at Coventry Psychology as the work always varies and there are many different horses to work with. I work with the psychologists in mounted experiences, and with our groups, and love working in clinics and seeing how the horses and clients connect on different levels. Right now, my favourite horse would be Abby-Angel our little newcomer, as she is a very quick learner and always willing to try new things.