Therapy Models / Testing

At Epona Brae, as professional psychologists we are experienced in a wide range of empirically supported therapies and testing batteries, and continue to advance our knowledge in the latest therapeutic modalities. This means therapy can be both clinically sound and individualised to ensure the best therapy approach for every client. Every individual is different and every therapeutic journey is unique.

 Therapy options:

• Equine Assisted Psychology and Psychotherapy
• Animal Assisted Psychology and Psychotherapy with chickens, cats, and our visiting bunny.
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Psycho-education
• Behavioural modification
• Thought modification
• Social and general Skills training
• Interpersonal therapy
• Relationship Therapy
• Problem solving skills enhancement
• Educational and learning skills enhancement
• Relaxation and anxiety management training
• Parenting skills training
• Self esteem enhancement work


Psychological Testing:

• Psychological testing for mood and personality assessment
• Psycho-educational Assessments
• Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment
• Diagnostic Assessments for ADHD and specific behavioural disorders