Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

Therapies information.

Shona Davis – Team Project Pony Manager/Equine Trainer/EPI trained EAL

Hi, I’m Shona!

My position at Epona Brae is team project pony manager and equine trainer. I am Equine Psychotherpy Institute trained as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.

I have been working at Epona Brae for almost decade. I started as a stable hand and now I run the groups, work with individual clients and  train the horses. I love seeing the connection between clients and horses and seeing both develop authentically.

When working with the equine therapists I aim to keep them happy, exploring and enjoying life as they learn, grow and advance in their therapy careers. I am knowledgable in horse psychology and train this way with our herd.

I love working at Coventry Psychology as the work always varies and my team is amazing. My passion of horses and people into a career is a dream.

Ellie Godbehere – Assistant Equine Trainer/Team Project Pony member/Social Media Manager 

Hey, I’m Ellie!

My  journey with horses began in 2019 when I rescued my horse Brennah.

I was lucky enough to meet the staff at Coventry who helped me train Brennah. From there I got to know everyone at Coventry Psychology really well and took a position as stable hand and group assistant.  I have since taken on the roles of Assistant horse trainer and Social Media manager. 

Having the opportunity to assist with our Team Project Pony groups over the last few years and witnessing the personal development clients experience has been incredibly rewarding for me and i am excited to continue to watch more clients grow in the future. 

Through rescuing Brennah i developed a passion for training horses and am lucky enough to work alongside Shona in training the equine therapists. 

My main goal is to become a psychologist so I can develop my skills and continue working at Coventry Psychology and be able to help a range of people going through different life experiences.

Samantha Ryan – Therapy Assistant

Hi, I’m Sam.

I’m a therapy assistant with a Bachelors in Applied Science (Psychology) and I’m currently undertaking my Honours degree in Psychology, with the plan of becoming a qualified psychologist over the next few years.

I am particularly interested in working with children: our next generation.

As this time is our biggest stage of development, it is imperative to develop strong coping mechanisms to flow into the later stages of our life. I began working with children back in 2019, and have since worked as a support worker and a therapy assistant, alongside OT’s, Speech Therapists, and Psychologists. Being supported by such a team has enhanced my confidence and understanding of children, especially neurodivergent children – with whom I have mostly assisted.

I want to help people to move past the struggles life throws our way:

–       To take their hardships and turn them into a triumphs

–       To use their experiences as a motivator to get more from their life

–       To move through trauma, pain, sadness, and all the inevitable horrible feelings that life throws our way

–       To understand that hard-times, although may sometimes feel there is no end, come and go

–       And to know that their life, experiences, and voice, is valid – all the messy, hard, and wonderful parts of it.

As talking about ones feelings is not always easy, I am particularly interested in becoming a psychologist who will involve other aspects into therapy; play-based activities, animal therapy, art therapy, or simply walking and talking. Coventry provides just that, and makes me all the more excited for when I become fully qualified.

Until then, I’m here as a therapy assistant – to help your kids to feel comfortable in participating in group sessions, and to feel supported in the safe and nurturing environment that Coventry provides.