Equine Therapy Beaconsfield

Located in the picturesque Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, Coventry Psychology proudly stands as the pioneer Equine Therapy center in Australia. Founded by Dr. Traci Coventry, the practice has transformed into a warm haven for diverse therapeutic encounters, offering Equine, Animal Assisted, and room-based Clinical Psychology and therapies. The team consists of accomplished psychologists and a charming array of co-therapists – horses, ponies, chickens, ducks, cats, and Maremma dogs.

Nestled on the sprawling 18-acre Epona Brae property, the facility boasts thoughtfully designed spaces including a floodlit arena, paddock, walk-out areas, offices, barn, and play therapy zones, featuring a sensory garden. Exclusive therapy sessions are facilitated by qualified psychologists and provisional psychologists, blending empirically supported psychological therapy with innovative approaches such as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Animal Assisted Therapy.



The team of therapy horses, ponies, and other animals at Epona Brae are not merely aids; they are cherished co-therapists and companions, each contributing a unique element to clients’ therapeutic journeys and overall well-being.

Coventry Psychology’s mission at Epona Brae is grounded in delivering excellence in clinical and equine-assisted psychological therapy. The objective is to provide clients with optimal opportunities for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing. This mission is achieved through the application of expertise in empirically supported psychological therapies, staying abreast of therapeutic trends, and cultivating a secure, nurturing environment for clients to explore and develop essential skills for psychological and emotional well-being.

Fundamentally, Coventry Psychology strives to be a beacon of hope, fostering an environment where authenticity is prized, and individuality is nurtured, enriching each person’s life. The ultimate goal remains simple yet profound – guiding clients toward realising their best selves.