Equine Carers

Renee Welch – Stablehand


I first started at Coventry Psychology back in 2014 and after some time away, I am grateful to be back surrounded by the animals, and getting to work with such an amazing group of therapists.

My role at Coventry Psychology is caring for and working with the incredible horses and pony’s, and assisting in some of the group programs. I am a huge believer in the benefits of animal assisted therapy and have seen the results first hand, of working with animals and how they can impact our emotional states and mental health.

I am very excited to be a part of such an incredible team and look forward to seeing and being a part of all the incredible work that goes on at Coventry Psychology.


Madeline Phease – Stablehand


I started working here at Coventry early 2023, and I am still training and learning lots! I am one of the few stable hands here, and I care for and feed all the horses. I have a keen interest in all animals but a special interest in horses. You might sometimes see me working in the stable preparing the horses and ponies dinner or down in the paddocks and out in the arena.

Throughout working here I’ve learned lots about horses, their behaviours, dietary requirements, and the rewarding change in rescues learning to be loved and themselves again, which gives me inspiration and direction for my future. I aim to become an equine trainer and help others along the way in the time ahead.